Festival schedule

Yesterday we sat together with Paul, John, Byrne and others to organize our program for this festival. Have a look and share:

August 26, 2022

07:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Campfire and open get-together

To kick off the festival, we will be holding a bonfire event! Get to know the festival grounds and connect with other festival participants as we roast marshmallows and enjoy the summer night.

August 27, 2022

09:00 AM
Welcome & Introductions

09:30 AM

Session 2: John van Donk – estuary protocol.
John is the mind behind the Estuary Support Network and will be sharing his success with the Estuary protocol. Discover what it is, why it was developed and how to put it into action.

10:15 AM -11.45 PM

Session 3: Estuary Breakout Session
Festival attendees will have the chance to participate in the Estuary protocol as we break into small groups to allow everyone the opportunity to join in the discussion.

12:00 PM
LUNCH: (self organized)

02:00 PM

Session 4: Byrne Power lecture
Youtuber and L’Abri contributor, Byrne Powers, will be speaking on the rediscovery of reality. More details on the topic to be announced.

03:30 PM

Session 5: Paul VanderKlay lecture
Topic to be announced.

04:30 PM

Paul VanderKlay & Byrne Power Conversation and Q&A
Conversation about the lectures.

05:30 PM

Community Dinner

Dinner will be provided by the festival for all attendees and speakers. We look forward to hosting all of you to break bread and foster conversations sparked by the day’s events.

08:00-10:00 PM

After Show Party: Pentecost for the Zombie Apocalypse: The Musical
Live performance by the 2moerVs Experience. “An ambitious communicational experiment, right between Chaos & Order”. Vienna based artist who samples soundbites of speeches from thinkers like Joseph Campbell, Jordan Peterson, or Jonathan Pageau. So far the artist 2mørVs was only active in the virtual world. However, for this festival he has formed a live band for the first live performance of the album “Pentecost for the Zombie Apocalypse: The Musical” (A remixed recording of Jonathan Pageau’s speech with visuals + live band).

August 28, 2022

09:00 AM

Community breakfast
Start off your day with a community breakfast provided by the festival! Food will be served at 9 and available for enjoyment up until our scheduled events begin.

10:00 AM

Sunday Sermon: Paul Vanderklay
Pastor Paul will start off our day with one of his famous Sunday Sermons.

11:30 AM

The Information Addict: Live Podcast (w/ guest Sarah)

The information Addicts Podcast is one of the many media projects born out of the Estuary movement. Host Cassidy records live with guest Sarah, a friend and theology student from the Netherlands. She is excited to share in Sarah’s story and knowledge.

12:30 PM

LUNCH: (self organized)

01:30 -2:45 PM

The Bridges of Meaning Community Panel: the Impact of Estuary and Q&A
Members from the Bridges of Meaning community share how participation in the community impacted their lives and share the benefits they have seen for themselves and others. Featuring: Job, Cassidy, Ferdi, Paul, John and Matthias.

03:00 PM

Estuaries/Small group discussions
For our last scheduled event of the festival we have another estuary break out group. Take the time to share some of the things you took from the festival and share how the experience has been being at a live event.

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