We are a small group that got to know each other on Paul Vanderklay’s Discord Server, which is known as the “Bridges of Meaning”-Server. You probably came from there too, but if not, let me explain what it’s all about:

As the name says, the goal of this server is to build bridges. This modern world has a need for open dialogs between different people to find remedies for the so called “Meaning-Crisis” – the feeling of hopelessness and desperation increasingly felt in world, predominantly in the western world. Born from this Bridges of Meaning-initiative are so called “Estuaries” which are open spaces to discuss everything related to personal, spiritual or societal issues. Estuaries are spaces where salt and sweetwater meet. A rich diversity of different lifeforms made the perfect symbol to what this all is actually about.

We want to go further and lead Bridges of Meaning into the “real life”. We want to provide a space to learn and people to connect. With this site we want to keep you updated.

We hope you’ll join us.

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If you got any questions, feel free to reach out

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