Note: We created a Discord server where you can freely join, see updates on news for the festival and connect with others, maybe share a ride if you want and stuff like that, follow that link (it’s free): PvK-Euro-Tour-22

We created 3 new pages concerning accomodation, travel and catering.

First things first:

  • you can connect with others if you need a ride on our Discord server
  • in the month of August there’s a 9-euro-ticket in Germany, with which you can travel everywhere with almost every train (see “Travel“)
  • if you want to use your tent on the festival ground, be quick, space is limited (but there are also other options, see “Accommodation“)
  • we provide the saturday dinner and the sunday breakfast for you, apart from that you’re in charge for your own meals (see “Catering“)

A note from the organisation team:

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with every meal every day, even though we would have been happy to do that. The first festival seems to be the hardest to organize, but if this is even a small success, we will be happy to continue in the next year! With this in mind, we hope that this will be a blast for everybody – building bridges of meaning with you guys!

You might also be interested what’s happening in the netherlands check out here and see what’s happening in the UK here.

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